Eagles Power & Equipment is your best solution provider for purchasing used equipments, having equipments on rental basis, genuine parts and services of power generators, heavy machinery for all industry use, construction tools and heavy machinery attachments. Our team of trained technicians and engineers provide expertise on maintenance service and inspection for machineries and power equipments. Supported by major equipment manufactures and trained technicians, EPE is ready to solve any situation or problem you are facing and increase the profitability of your business.


All equipments and products under Eagles Power & Equipment is well-conditioned, serviced and approved by trained technicians and engineers. And EPE certification gives you the guanrantee you been looking for on quality and standards of your business needs.


Eagles Power and Equipments Provide rental for Heavy machineries, construction and power equipments and attachments, which all are EPE certified for its working, quality and maintenance. EPE certification is done by trained technicians and engineers just to avail optimum performance level from the equipments.


EPE and its team hold with high prestige on the fact that the parts and equipments used for sales and services are always genuine. We provide genuine certificate for the parts in additional to the EPE certification, which are done by highly trained technicians and engineers.


Our team combined with trained manpower, with well equipped and professionally qualified support systems ensure that our customers get the best service every time.


Eagles Power and Equipments always stands for increasing your profitability of your business. And as part of that, EPE deals customers with only GENUINE parts and equipments. Eguipments and parts of all recognized national and international brands are available at EPE's warehouse. And the best part is, you will be having the parts with genuinity certificate billing from the company. Also, its known by everyone that EPE provides the genuine parts at best price available on market. EPE also provides HVAC parts and equipments.

Just send us your requirment, and rest assured you will have your GENUINE PARTS with the best price available on market.

EPE heavy engine parts
EPE service parts
EPE vehicle attachment parts
EPE power equipment parts


Not always a constuction or a business requirement requires brand new equipements and machineries if there's equipements available for rental with well serviced and maintained. Eagles Power and Equipements provides you the opportunity to have your required machineries on rental basis, the genuine branded equipments and machineries, with the lowest price available on the region, which all maintained and serviced under trained EPE technicians and engineers.

EPE heavy machine rental
EPE construction rental
EPE power equipments rental
EPE machine attachments rental

We have every type of machineries, construction tools and equipments, power equipments, service parts and heavy machine attachments in our warehouse. And all our machineries in our warehouse goes through regular inspection and maintenance by our certified EPE technicians and engineers. Guaranteed, our rental price is much lower than any rental service on the market. International standard equipments with lowest rental charges and regular serviced machineries, EPE rental service is what you need for your business.


There's always a solution for you at EPE even if you want to buy used equipments and machineries. Every used equipments under EPE has been gone through international standard inspection and services. Each and every equipments are maintained in one such a way to deliver its best performance as same as new machinery or equipment provides. Equipments bought from EPE for sure will increase your productivity, in parallel the profit of your business also.

In our warehouse, we have all type of used machineries and equipments, especially heavy machineries, power instruments and equipments, parts, heavy machine attachments etc. And all these equipments goes through necessary testing and inspections to check its quality and performance before getting into our warehouse.

EPE heavy engine parts
EPE service parts
EPE vehicle attachment parts
EPE power equipment parts
We, Eagles Power & Equipments offer services which are Customer Focussed and always achieve our goal to guarantee customer satisfaction on all service repairs and maintenance - EPE TEAM

The Team Customised For Your Solution

Everyone knows that routine inspection of machineries and hardware by a trained technician is essential to good maintenance. And these inspections just not only need to be routine, they need to be consistent and customised based on the equipment and its owners. Timely maintenance schedules and services prevents sudden breakdown of your machines, at the same time work at optimum performance level.

Our team combined with trained manpower, with well equipped and professionally qualified support systems ensure that our customers get the best service every time. Total Product support, maintenance and service is our guarantee.

Customised Maintenance Inspection

Our Maintenance Inspection program is completely focussed on our motto, 'Best Solution, Customer Focussed’. Our Maintenance Inspection program is based upon prearranged, on-site inspections which will be carried out at intervals pre-planned with your requirements.


MACHINE CHECK-UP EPE team will check the machine status and working at the site itself Helps to avoid machine failures & complaints
FUTURE SERVICE PLANNING Our team will create and provide you the services and maintenance plan Helps avoiding surprise downtimes
EPE CERTIFICATION Our certified technicians checks and evaluates the machine working status Increase resale value with documented systematic maintenance
GENUINE PARTS Its EPE's policy to work and provide services with only genuine parts Increase machine performance, reliability and resale value
CERTIFIED TECHNICIANS EPE team is well equipped to handle any services and maintenances Documented systematic preplanned, on-site manintenance guaranteed.

Just Forward us your Enquiry and we will give you the best solution available on market